Master thesis in physics

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FY3950 - Master Thesis in Physics

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Requirements for the M.S. Degree in Physics

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Hand in your thesis within the agreed date (6 month), including the signed declaration of originality. Master thesis must be completed within the specified time.

Physics Graduate Thesis

You must plan in advanced if you wish to receive your credit points on time to apply for your Diploma Degree Request. The EWEM (European Wind Energy Master) is an advanced 2 year ( ECTS) Master of Science with four specializations: Wind Physics, Rotor Design, Electric Power Systems and Offshore Engineering.

PARALLEL MONTE CARLO SIMULATIONS OF LIGHT PROPAGATION IN TURBID MEDIA A Thesis Presented to the Faculty of the Department of Physics East Carolina University. Master thesis for teacher students.

Research project of 30 sp under supervision, within physics or physics based science. The project may have a didactic focus. Master’s Theses. Most of the research projects have student participation – undergraduate and graduate.

While the Physics Department currently has no graduate program, a few of the Physics Faculty serve as chairs for master’s theses.

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Master thesis in physics
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