Master thesis submission process

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Master's Thesis Guidelines

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AIADO: Master of Architecture

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Admissions Requirements Application Deadline: January If you are ready to apply to the School of the Art Institute of Chicago's (SAIC) Master of Architecture program, you will need to first submit SAIC's Graduate Application form and then a corresponding ePortfolio for the Architecture department.

ePortfolios are required for each additional. Master’s Thesis Submission Guide Part I: Master’s Thesis Submission Process 1.

Master of Philosophy

2. Thesis approved by committee and department designee). Student submits approved thesis via Digital Commons 3. Thesis reviewed by Graduate Dean (or 4. Student receives email. [Business] Management, Law, or Political Science.

The annual application deadline is July 9. Fulbright Foreign Student Program — Varies. The Fulbright Foreign Student Program is a prestigious scholarship program aimed at students interested in pursuing a Master’s (or PhD) degree abroad.

The Thesis, Essay, Creative Project for Master’s degree programs requires students to identify a worthy problem in their field, research and analyze that problem, and communicate their findings in clear and competent writing to an academic audience. Master’s Thesis Submission Process.

Final approval of your thesis involves committee approval for content and Graduate Education Office approval for format. If your Master’s program requires a thesis, your degree work will not be complete and you will not graduate until the Graduate Education Office has approved your thesis.

1. Advance to Candidacy and Apply to Graduate. Master's students must file an application for advancement to candidacy no later than the first day of the quarter in which they plan to graduate. The application for candidacy is filed through R'Grad. To access R'Grad, log in to your R'Web account and click on the R'Grad icon.

Master thesis submission process
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