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These are the cornerstones of Arcadia University’s promise and approach to liberal arts education. At the heart of everything we do is a commitment to preparing Arcadia graduates to contribute and. Inside the heart of every teacher is a learner — a teacher who wants to master the craft; a mentor who wants to counsel and guide students through stages of development; a visionary who wants to build a culture where teachers are motivated and empowered to do what they do best — shape the mind of a child, and the future of society.

Just came back from another round of tutorial in thesis development. Have that eureka moment on how we could help student in developing their thesis, could look like this: Stage I – Let Their Minds Run Free – I don’t intervene much at this early stage of development.

It is after all, students’ thesis, not mine! More importantly, is to pay attention to students’ aspiration.

Mentor master thesis free
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