Senior thesis in archaeology

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This video captures some of that journey as O'Brien creates her senior thesis project. O'Brien, a Program 2 major in art and archaeology, is making a set of. Take advantage of all of the opportunities that are available on campus to New College of Florida students, including residential housing, clubs and student activities, student government, student disability services, and health and recreation options.

senior thesis If a student has a viable research project and the support of a faculty member, but does not meet the eligibility for pursuing honors, the student may write a senior thesis in anthropology, with the approval of two faculty members. thesis and the Senior Comprehensive Exam. The thesis represents the most sophisticated original research and writing that one will undertake as an undergraduate at Princeton.

Original research for the Senior Thesis may be based on library, laboratory, or field research on a topic that the student has chosen in consultation with their faculty adviser. The Senior Thesis is an opportunity for students to explore a. Recent Senior Honors Theses Undergraduate students concentrating in Archaeology and the Ancient World with Honors are required to produce a senior thesis.

The following is a list of theses that have been submitted in recent years.

Senior thesis in archaeology
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